Finishing School


India is the world’s second largest producer of graduates from Arts & Science and Engineering. Every year around six lakh plus, graduates are passing out from different educational institutions, spread across the country. Unfortunately many of these graduates are not immediately ‘employable’ (which is not the same as not getting jobs). Several independent studies have highlighted this problem. For instance, the oft-cited Nasscom - McKinsey study has revealed that more than 75% of these graduates are not ‘employment ready’, and only about 5% of them are actually ‘ready-to-deploy’.
A ‘ready-to-deploy’ graduate is one who is equipped to be deployed on projects and can generate revenue for the company. To bring graduates to a state of ‘ready-to-deploy’ most of the Employers/ Companies spend around 2-3 months training them at a cost that can go up to 1lakh per employee. As of today, that is a cost most companies would like to reduce.
Data shows that nearly 70% of our graduates do not have the minimum requirement of employable skills to get employment. On the positive side, an improvement in technical skill, information processing skills, communication skill and problem solving skills will double the number of employable graduates.
At present, the fresh pass out students hired by industries are given training at the level of their induction either through product-oriented training programs or through in-house training programs organized by a few industries. In-house training is limited to a basic orientation, because vendor-based training is expensive and equipment specific.
The current educational framework does not offer exposure to real-world environment.
The need is to impart an additional training through well-planned curriculum consisting of the right mix of courses in different field is necessary to prepare the students for requirements of industries.
Mandamus provides Training and Placement Assistance with systematic interventions at multiple stages, it would be seamlessly integrated along with routine academics through a structured and planned process to alter the attitude, increase the technical knowledge and expand the skill behavior through learning experiences . This would enhance effective performance in a range of activities including non-technical & technical skill.

Implementation of the Finishing School Program leads to:

  • Industry relevant Technical Knowledge & Understanding
  • Cultural awareness of the Corporate World
  • Enhance Employability with higher rate of Campus Placements
  • Better starting Salaries
  • Ability to produce job results within time limits
  • Accelerated Promotions
  • Helps in Creating a pool of Professionals, as required by the industry
  • Reduce the Demand need in the Industry.