Partnership & Alliances

In his speech on India’s 68th Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his view on skill development very clear. And he has continued to emphasize on it in most of his public addresses, be it on Teacher’s Day for students across the country, or at the Madison Square Garden amidst the American-Indian community. As preliminary steps are being taken by the Government to promote skill development in relation to the “Skill India” movement which would lead to a larger motive of ‘Make in India’ mission, the role that corporations and industry associations can play under this umbrella has to be planned and implemented in an integrated and coherent manner.

It is going to be very critical, if we do not emphasize today on skill development and structured learning because unemployment by 2030 will scale up to such an extent that it will lead to socio-economical imbalance. Until and unless large percentage of youth is not trained well on skill development, large deficit on human resource will lead to poverty and ignorance across the sectors. Many organizations, the Government, and smaller organizations have clearly understood the devastation that will be caused due to unskilled youth community are now joining hands to figure out solutions to these challenges.

Mandamus is working hand in hand with multiple Government Departments, Academia, the industry at large and international organizations to contribute towards building a strong ecosystem, to help the youth build a secure and bright career path.